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3ft Prelit Christmas Trees

Don’t have a lot of floor space this festive season but you still want to get into the holiday spirit? Look no further! Even with a compact space, our selection of artificial pre-lit trees is sure to bring out the festive decor in your home this special season!

Transform your home this holiday season with our selection of high-quality artificial Christmas trees today!

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3ft Prelit Christmas Trees
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What is a pre-lit Christmas tree?

The holiday season would not be complete without a Christmas tree. These days, pre-lit Christmas trees are becoming more prevalent due to the fact that people spend a big chunk of their time actually purchasing gifts for their loved ones this festive season. That's where pre-lit Christmas trees save the day! These attractive pre-lit 3ft trees already come in battery-powered and are ready to brighten up your home, making decorating your place simple and easier than ever!

What is the best pre-lit Christmas tree for you? Our 2-3ft pre-lit artificial Christmas trees come in 3 variations. These sizes are really best suited for a small home, a bedroom, or maybe even a condominium unit! If you are looking for a simple yet gorgeous tree, the 3ft Pre-lit Battery Powered Oslo Green Potted Artificial Christmas Tree might just be the one for you! It is flame resistant, has a base of Poly Concrete pot, warm white LED colour, and 60 LED light bulbs. If you are looking for a classic all-rounder that resembles a fir tree with a somewhat snowy texture, the 3ft Pre-lit Battery Powered Snowy Concolor Fir Artificial Christmas Tree is your best bet! It has a burlap sack base, is flame resistant, has 50 LED light bulbs, and has artificial pinecone ornaments!

If you love the snow and have a thing for majestic trees with a lot of branch tips, the 3ft Pre-lit Battery Powered Oslo Snowy Potted Artificial Christmas Tree will be perfect for you! Aside from the gorgeous snow-white look, it has a Poly Concrete Pot base, 60 LED light bulbs, is flame resistant, and 480 branch tips!

A compact space is no excuse for not having a Christmas tree! Our selection of attractive pre-lit 3ft trees is sure to brighten up your home this holiday season!

Why should I get a 3ft pre-lit artificial Christmas tree?

Who doesn't love a tree with lights? Our pre-lit decorative Christmas trees are not only easy to set up but are also really attractive and suitable for small spaces giving you all the time you need to purchase gift cards and presents for your loved ones! They make decorating your home super simple that is also very affordable at a price range of £44.99 - £79.99!

We also have free or express delivery options for orders above £150 with a 2-year warranty on all pre-lit electronic devices. So what are you waiting for? Brighten up your home this holiday season with our pre-lit Christmas trees today! 

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